“Lynne, I enjoyed this class immensely, and am continuing to write at least a little daily. Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated and have improved my writing. I trust my learning from this work will continue. Thank you for all of it !!”
Catherine Elaine Daniel

“This class has helped me think deep who I am and what I want in life.”

– Liwen

Rachel, Guest Essays webinar – “This was a great time to brainstorm.”

“This was exactly what I was looking for!”

– Anita Maria White, Guest Essays webinar 

Brenda Blue – “I really enjoy your teaching style, knowledge and skill. I realize that often during my career I sought a mentor and think I just might have found one!”

“Also this is the first course I have taken, I was a little nervous, with it being online and I LOVE it.  I am learning so much, and I appreciate your style.  Thank you.”

Courtney Jones

Olivet Jones – “This class has become the best part of my week.”

“This course is SO good, you are really making me reflect my inner emotions.”

I feel like I am a thread unpicked from the tangled ball of wool that is my knotted past. I am coming to question myself, whether I fit in to this line of strong women, or whether the warp and weft of my life is another. The more self-reflection I do according to the themes of the course, the more I can imagine a series of essays that ties in with this.

Rachel Schneider

“Thank you for a wonderful writing class. You’re an inspirational and nurturing instructor!”

Lynne –

One of my biggest takeaways is that a story doesn’t need epic drama to be interesting. When I have thought about personal writing until now, I’ve struggled with “what’s the story?” You helped me see that the small stories matter, too.

Barbara Chovanec

“I was thrilled that two of my essays were accepted for publication in the same week!”

“I am a busy working mom who has had dreams of publishing my creative nonfiction for most of my adult life. Six months ago, I signed up for Lynne’s “Finding Your Voice At Midlife” course on a whim. Her class was well structured, informative, and inspired me to lean into my writing. I was so pleased with the course that I signed up for the second session. Following that, I signed up to work with Lynne in her Writer’s Community, an intimate group of writers who meet weekly to workshop one another’s writing. I worked extensively with Lynne on a few of my pieces, and was thrilled that two of my essays were accepted for publication in the same week! Lynne is a well informed coach who not only teaches her students about the mechanics of writing, but she also guides her students through the publishing process. Thank you, Lynne, for your patience, guidance and expertise! I am forever grateful for your help. ”

Julie Song

“I found it valuable to start the research to see what's out there that can deepen what I write. Love that advice from today's time.”

Laura Johnson, Guest Essays webinar

“All the advice and tips led to ideas being plowed up and revealed -- makes me feel much more confident about my having essays inside me!”

Caryn Wideman, Guest Essays webinar

“I am learning so much in this class. I love the way you are helping us (me) go backwards in time to understand where we want to go. I am thankful for all I'm learning. This class has taught me about nailing down what I really want to do. Thanks for being so diligent in your responses. You're a great teacher!”

Caryn Leigh Wideman

“I have loved being with you and the other students, and the assignments have been great. You are a fabulous teacher.”

Radha Jill Richmond-Covey

'I LOVED this class. I’ve already signed up for Part 2 and definitely am interested in 1:1 mentorship. You’re the “wise one” I’ve been looking for for a long time.'

Olivet Jones

I am so glad I found you!!!

“The class structure worked very well for me.  I loved having the class discussions.  I felt in my element because there wasn’t pressure and I felt I could really take the time to write.   Your feedback was extremely helpful and insightful.   I am incorporating your suggestions in several of my essays, and I am excited to take the next class! “

Amy Hanssen

Your retreat was so lovely.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be surrounded by such inspiring women in a beautiful setting with exquisite instruction (both in writing and yoga).”

Emily P.

“Thank you for a wonderful, peaceful, and inspiring weekend! I came away feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated.”

Julie R.

You are a terrific teacher.

“This was the finest writing/self-care combo I’ve done so far and I am truly grateful. I felt freed up; there was a flow that truly excited me and inspired me to continue the writing. ”

Beth L.

Thank you for being so encouraging.

“I wish I could keep writing today instead of working!” ~ Betsy C.

“Thanks for holidng me accountable to my writing!”

 ~ Rebecca M.

The prompts have unlocked a lot of things.

“The prompts have allowed me to develop a thread, unearth some memories, they really helped me. I feel 100% safe here. ”


“You created a very warm and safe space.”