Author brand Development

It’s not enough to write a great book.

Successful writers build careers around their writing. They craft a compelling brand to establish a platform for the books they’ll share with the world. They articulate a clear, focused way of being in the world, teaching their audience how to know them and how to engage.

You know who you are and why you write. Let’s weave that into a compelling Author Brand!

Branding can include graphic logos, color studies, keywords and concepts.

Within the branding realm, we map out your digital footprint, which begins with your website. We’ll create a site map, content, recommended functionality, and then build out a savvy website that invites customers to engage.

Many authors know they need to build brand awareness and drive engagement, but aren’t quite sure how. We conduct a deep dive into your digital presence and use that information to create a Marketing Strategy that truly drives reach.

Case Studies

Thought Leader Branding & Publishing

Thought Leader Branding & Publishing

Case Study Thought Leader Branding & Publishing:Brand Development & Thought Leadership Publishing Focusing experience & aspiration into a personal brand and guiding leaders to become published thought experts. Your People offers affordable contracts for...



Case Study HBPO:Communications Training Empowering teams and stakeholders with tools to communicate professionally, effectively, and efficiently in workplace settings, with internal and external audiences.Over the course of a month, HBPO, a global automotive supplier,...

Co-Parenting Solutions

Co-Parenting Solutions

Case Study Co-Parenting Solutions:Business Development Finetuning the Brand MessageWhen Jordana Wolfson approached Your:People for help revising her brand content, she knew what she no longer wanted to include in the story of her counseling practice that caters to...

your people


“Lynne Golodner has a creative eye and a brilliant way of bringing thoughts and philosophies out.
You may just learn something about yourself if given the opportunity to let her work.”
Ed Brabandt, President, Systematic Manufacturing Inc.

“Amazing results in a short period of time. The Your People team has helped us create a stable marketing foundation to support the growth of our school. From our digital footprint to public relations, they have significantly increased our inquires and awareness of our school’s importance.”
Cindi Bradshaw, Director of Admissions, Sacramento Waldorf School

“Before we worked with Your People, we were trapped in the everyday and couldn’t look over the horizon. Our project allowed us to stop, take a breath, and identify our purpose. By the end of our time together we had a new understanding of our brand positioning and strategy, and we knew the direction we needed to go. Our work together was so valuable, I would go back and spend four times what we spent then.”
Kieron Hales, Co-Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

“Marketing wasn’t a term we imagined would benefit our company; we were wrong. Lynne really listened to our story and gave us the incredible opportunity and tools to convey our story, which connected us to current and future customers.  This connection has bought us more repeat business and given prospective customers a deeper connection to our work and who we are.”
Chris Tremberth (CEO) & Paul McEachren (VP), Rival Insulation

“Your People inspired us to communicate more effectively. Learning to bring information in a clear and meaningful ways even increased our awareness of curriculum delivery. We were inspired to renew our understanding of Waldorf education in order to communicate its value out to the greater world.”
Lower School Faculty, Sacramento Waldorf School

“Little did I know when I retained Lynne Golodner as Hiller’s Director of Marketing, PR & Communications that her work could be directly equated to an increase in customers and ultimately in our income. It is a rara avis in business when a vendor’s services produce more income than they cost. Such is clearly the case with Your People.”
James Hiller, Hiller’s Markets

“I am repeatedly blown away by the results Lynne and Your People are able to achieve and the attitude with which they do it. Our initial hesitation about hiring Your People was a concern that they are not immersed in our industry and worked primarily on local projects. We were 100% wrong! Lynne has helped provide us with clarity of vision, kept us on a solid timeline, brought us national brand exposure and success, and gives us new perspective on where we should be looking. It’s a lot of fun working with Lynne and her people.”
Rodney Carey, CEO, Woodward Asset Capital

“Lynne’s authenticity, intuition and amazing work ethic created a beautiful foundation for creative expansion within my business! I have appreciated her guidance and her ability to keep me on task. It’s the motivation, support and help I was looking for to move my business forward.”
Katherine Austin, Karma Yoga

“Doors open, opportunities fall into place, things happen when Lynne is involved! Always thinking 10 steps ahead… I didn’t realize the scope of ideas that Lynne thinks of when she takes on a job…. why didn’t I think of using her services sooner?! She saves me time, energy and brings in more opportunities I ever imagined were possible. And, on top of that, she’s a gem of a person!”
Monni Must, photographer