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Led by a well-published author and drawing on 15 years of Marketing & PR success with legal, educational, health and wellness, and nonprofit clients, Your People LLC helps authors, writers & people in publishing create compelling brands, craft manageable Marketing plans, and grow audiences and reach.

About Your People

Your People LLC was founded in 2007 at a time when the U.S. economy spiraled downward, and journalist and author Lynne Golodner became a single mother of three young children. The world was learning how to function in new and meaningful ways, with the rise of social media and the Internet, and we helped people find creative direction in a new marketplace.

Your People LLC aims to make meaningful connections in an era of distant communication. As we spend more time in the digital sphere, we recognize that we are still in a connection economy where, as marketing guru and author Seth Godin says, stories are the currency. We need human connection to grow reach. People have many choices for how to spend their time and resources, so they need a real reason to engage with you, at this time.

Lynne Golodner sought to support her young children and work around their schedules, doing what she does best – crafting compelling stories and sharing them with people they might inspire. Already the author of 7 published books when she started this company, Lynne put her storytelling talents to use for businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions – and now, she works with authors, writers and people in publishing.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients in Education, Food, Yoga, Health & Wellness, Nonprofit, Human Social Service, Civic/Municipal, Legal, Franchise, and Faith. We spent a decade specializing in Marketing for Waldorf/Steiner schools and innovative universities. As Lynne pivoted to focus on her own writing, she took the company in a new direction, to support writers, authors, and people in publishing in their quest to reach more readers, sell more books, and become known in the digital sphere.

Your People LLC, a Detroit-based storytelling and strategy agency, aims to build a world where everyone finds the words to explain what they do, who they are, and what they believe. Marketing Communications efforts focus on sharing the human stories behind a brand & building mutually-beneficial relationships that lift everyone up.

Meet Our Team

Your People has always been a small, relationship-focused company, with personal touch as a hallmark of how we work with clients. Who you meet at the outset is who you will work with all the way through.

Our remote team consists of a nimble group of specialists, including:

Lynne Golodner

Lynne Golodner

Chief Creative Officer & Owner

Hi there! I’m Lynne Golodner, mother of four, lover of the written word, author of 8 books and a just-finished novel, and energetic entrepreneur who sees strategy and story as pieces of a puzzle that we can build together.

I keep a corduroy-covered journal from the 1980s behind my desk, reminding me why I do this work: because through word and story, I figure out what makes sense and what is meaningful. That’s what I do for my clients, too.

Like you, I’ve written books and wanted to get my words out into the world. I’ve found perfect publishers for each project and now am going the agent-route to birth my first novel. When I work with authors and writers, we begin with their inspiration, purpose and of course, their words, to incorporate the “why,” and figure out what to do next to expand reach.  Read More…

Stephanie Knight

Stephanie Knight

Marketing & Publishing Manager

Stephanie is an author, educator and advocate who writes about trauma as a way of healing. Having worked with diverse populations – from CEOs to convicts and everything in between – Stephanie brings vast personal, experiential knowledge into her writing and has incredible, true stories to tell. She supports both Your People and Scotia Road Books in helping authors launch books and market them for the greatest impact.

Erica Hobbs

Erica Hobbs

Media Relations Specialist

Erica’s career as a professional communicator has taken her from a small town newspaper reporter to the communications manager for one of Detroit’s largest cultural institutions. She’s worked on both sides of the communications fence, as a print, digital and broadcast reporter as well as a PR professional working with a diverse range of companies throughout the world. Outside of work, she enjoys theater, travel, dancing, reading, fostering rescue dogs and renovating an old house.

Hillary Norfleet

Hillary Norfleet

Web Developer

With more than 500 websites under her belt, Hillary brings more than 20 years’ experience to the team.  She is a Google-certified expert with a strong background in Analytics, Google Ads, and Search Engine Optimization.  When she’s not on the computer, Hillary enjoys puppy sitting for her children, organic gardening, and enjoying the outdoors in Commerce Township, Michigan.

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

Graphic Designer

As a professional graphic designer, Tim Williams supplements the Your People team with graphic design and design for web use, featuring out-of-the-box, creative ideas and innovations to really make brands stand out from the crowd. He is both a strategic and creative resource at every step of the process, aiming to align inspiration and storytelling into powerful and clear visual experiences. He is the proud father of two, including a true teen basketball star.