Based in suburban Detroit and driven by a virtual team across the United States, Your People LLC crafts Foundational Storytelling and builds far-reaching Marketing and Communications strategies for Education & Entrepreneurial clients.

We conduct Communications Audits to assess strengths and identify opportunities and offer custom Courses to empower educational leaders with Marketing skills to expand the reach of their schools. Created with the notion that everyone needs PR and Marketing, but not everyone can or should pay a fortune for it, Your People LLC manages Marketing and Public Relations for some clients, while coaching others to do it themselves. We also work with educational leaders to build their personal brand and get published as thought leaders!

We can help:

Business Development

Business is so much more than who you are and what you do. It’s how you make the world better. It’s how you effect change. It’s how you get things done. It’s how you inspire. 

Business Development begins with a great idea that can be articulated in clear, concise, compelling Mission & Messaging.


Have you ever felt like you’re shooting in the dark with a social media post or a press release? Sending it out, hoping it lands somewhere, that someone takes notice?

Your Strategy is your Road Map, telling you where to go so you don’t get lost. Build it, implement it, and they will come.

PR & Marketing

Once you have an established, far-reaching Marketing Strategy, it’s time to implement it through focused tasks and activities. We work with clients in several areas of Marketing Implementation, including:

  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Blogging
  • E-blasts/Newsletters


Sold Out Enrollment

A perfect package for schools and universities interested in nailing their story, establishing a comprehensive marketing/PR strategy, and building their audience. Our work together will sharpen your messaging and audience interaction toward boosting enrollment and keeping it strong!

Foundational Narrative

The key to marketing that builds business is articulating a cohesive, compelling Foundational Narrative about who you are, what you offer, and why. Too many businesses settle into “selling” without any desire to build a mutually beneficial relationship with their customers.

Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy is your road map for how you will build a business, one step at a time. It’s a plan we create in collaboration with clients to chart the course of their organization, from where they are now to where they want to go, and how they will get there.

Social Media Success for Schools

You understand Social Media Strategy and have a sense of what is needed to use social media to boost exposure for your school. But are you doing it right? Is it working? And how can you know?.

Thought Leaders One-On-One

Expanding our expertise with schools and universities, Your People offers affordable contracts for educational leaders to build strong individual brand personas and work toward getting published as thought leaders.

Let’s Find the Right Marketing Plan for YOU!

Book an Introductory Call to determine how Your People can help you grow.

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