Because we believe that everyone needs PR/Marketing and not everyone can or should pay a fortune for it, we offer workshops where organizational leaders, business owners and solopreneurs can learn key Marketing & Public Relations skills and receive coaching toward implementation.

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“Lynne understands how to empower a creative mind to deliver their best work. Her capacity for empathy makes her more than just a coach. She finds a way to allow you to tap your potential and to rely upon your best instincts as a PR professional and a writer. I feel much more confident in my abilities, and I feel like a better writer, after working with Lynne.”
Mike D., PR pro

“Lynne is changing my life. Lynne is keeping me accountable to the vision she sees for me and her confidence in me is making a huge difference. With her coaching, I got recognition in just weeks!  She keeps pushing me to apply my talents, live loudly, and be a beacon for others.   Her interpersonal skills and business success inspire me. She shares her secrets. Work with Lynne and you will get top-notch results quickly.”
Noreen Ehrlich, writer, speaker, coach

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