Development Planning for Schools Payment


If you’ve struggled with building a sound business plan for your school, faced resistance from staff and faculty about modern ways to meet the economic needs of your school, or just wanted to figure out a better way to develop multiple revenue streams to build a solid financial base for your school, this course is for you!


Over 6 weeks, participants will learn the principles of a solid development plan, how fundraising depends on relationship-building, and how to build a 12-month development plan that will build your school. We’ll confront uncomfortable but necessary questions about the role of money in creating a sound school, study the psychology of giving and come to understand the energy of money and its impact on improving the quality of community health, relationships, and integration.

Offered in February and August, the Development Planning Course empowers school staff and faculty to feel comfortable with asking for and receiving monetary gifts. Participants will learn how Development integrates with Marketing, and understand how to invite the whole community to partner in this essential process.