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Special Tree Rehabilitation Services:

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Jen Atwood, Director, Communications + Brand Management, for Special Tree Rehabilitation System, approached Your People LLC in 2018 after admiring our work with Detroit Waldorf School for more than a year. As a DWS parent, Jen professed later that she was impressed with the variety of media outlets in which we secured coverage for the school, and she sought the same variety of results for her brain injury rehabilitation company, which serves SE Michigan and Mid-Michigan communities.

We began working with Special Tree in mid-2018, focused on a media relations-only contract with a goal of one campaign per month, to share the good stories and successes of Special Tree’s work with patients, families, communities, and medical professionals. We quickly achieved success, thanks to compelling and inspiring stories paired with our deep relationships with media individuals and outlets.

In 2019, we continue with monthly media campaigns and a media training seminar for top Special Tree leadership. Our work includes creating compelling media pitches, sharing with media outlets toward securing coverage, preparing interviewees in advance of media interviews, and securing the published or aired clips for client use.

We enjoy working with this thoughtful organization whose leadership embraces the possibilities of public relations in an open and creative way. Not only are there abundant stories to tell, there are unique angles and perspectives to share for unusual, one-of-a-kind stories that set this client apart from its competition. We appreciate working with good people who are committed to their vision and bring unique expertise to the table.

Your People secured this segment with CW50’s Street Beat for Special Tree Rehabilitation Services to to help paint the picture on how to detect a concussion injury as soon as possible.

Jen Atwood, Director, Communications + Brand Management, Special Tree Rehabilitation System

“Thank you so much for all of your team’s efforts these past weeks to help promote our SCI Expo and also to tell the recovery side of the story about No Fault. A coworker shared with me this comment from a friend reacting to her Facebook post: ‘I honestly didn’t pay attention to this no-fault thing until I saw the news bit last night!’ That’s really my hope – that people become aware of all sides of the issue to develop an informed opinion.

To date, we have 55 shares of the No Fault video, and that’s without any paid boosts on the story. The video on the SCI Expo/Todd has absolutely exploded! 124 shares, completely organic.

We really appreciate having Your People as part of the team. And from all of the evening/weekend texting that has now occurred, I think you pretty much are considered ‘our people.’ I can’t think of a better decision we have made than getting connected with you all. You sure do get results.

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