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What’s the story behind your story?

What inspirations, challenges, and successes brought you to where you are today?

How could those stories connect you with your ideal audience and grow your reach?

Work with the Your People team to  make a real impact in the world. Consistent, focused storytelling builds your brand in powerful ways. Identify your key messages and realize the potential of sharing them across communication channels consistently and comprehensively for ongoing growth & success.

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Your People offers a variety of packages to help writers, authors, and people in publishing translate the mission and passion behind their work into storytelling and strategies that capture a devoted audience.


Articulating Your Author Brand: Your Foundational Narrative

The key to marketing that builds an author’s reach is articulating a cohesive, compelling Foundational Narrative about who you are, what you write, and why. Too many authors can’t articulate their brand, their “why,” or their mutually beneficial purpose to connect with a dedicated audience who will anticipate your work!

In a connection economy, stories are the currency. Marketing in the 21st century relies on transformative tales, succinct storytelling, and a powerful purpose. You may know yours, but it can be hard to choose the right words to strike a chord with your audience.

Let us help.

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In articulating compelling and comprehensive Foundational Narratives for authors, we must differentiate you from a crowded marketplace to build exposure, awareness, and engagement.

The Foundational Narrative includes…

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Tagline(s)
  • 5-10 paragraphs of Anchor Content to drive all marketing storytelling
  • Boilerplate
  • Core Values/Guiding Principles

This sounds business-y, of course. But the difference between an author who writes quietly in a corner of their home and one who sells thousands of books and has a riveted audience is being able to articulate who you are, why and what you write, and what you care about.

Over the course of 8 weeks, we’ll work together to dig down into the depths of how your writing career came to be, why you do the work you do, and who should read your work. Your Foundational Narrative is the first step in creating marketing that works. Once you know who you are and why you do what you do, you can communicate that to the people who need you most.

You’re a writer. It shouldn’t be hard to write a great story about your Author Brand, right?

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*Payment terms: you will be invoiced for half due before the start of your course and with the other half due at week 4*

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Author Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy is your road map for how you will build a dedicated audience of readers who anticipate your books! It’s a plan we create in collaboration with clients to chart the course of their author careers, from where they are now to where they want to go, and how they will get there.

A Marketing Strategy is a deep dive into your place in your genre, with a thorough understanding of the competition and market. We must put your activities and goals in the context of what is happening in publishing today.

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Marketing Strategies are comprehensive plans for engaging in activities that are likely to build your author brand and grow your audience. Because Marketing is a daily endeavor, we’ll suggest ways for building brand awareness and reach in a variety of channels, from Social Media and Blogging to Media Relations, Book Launches and Speaking Engagements. Other Marketing activities can include Advertising, Websites, Newsletters/E-blasts, Ambassador Campaigns and more.

We’ll work together for a focused 8 weeks, including a powerful kickoff brainstorming meeting and an in-depth presentation of the plan. Your People can also provide coaching toward implementation to empower your team to put the plan into action (this is outside of scope and falls under another contract).

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*Payment terms: you will be invoiced for half due before the start of your course and with the other half due at week 4*

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Foundational Narrative & Marketing Combo

In this combined package of the two packages above. We will work together for 12 weeks to articulate your Foundational Narrative and build a comprehensive Marketing Strategy.

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*Payment terms: you will be invoiced for half due before the start of your course and with the other half due at week 6*

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Social Media Success for Authors

You understand Social Media Strategy and have a sense of what is needed to use social media to boost exposure for your author brand. But are you doing it right? Is it working? And how can you know?

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It often feels exhausting to create content to share on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Which platform is best for your author brand? Should you be on TikTok or Snapchat? 

We offer three-month packages to bring authors the devoted focus of seasoned PR Pros with demonstrated social media success to get you on your digital feet.

You’ll have dedicated coaching calls (6 hour-long calls or 12 half-hour calls, on Zoom) to brainstorm and develop social media strategy, and we will create for you up to 45 specific and original posts to schedule for future exposure. Plus, we’ll create branded templates for you to have a consistent style on social media and share them with you in Canva for your future use.

For 12 weeks, we’ll be your eyes and ears on social media, assessing and recommending, and teaching you how to build your exposure in a way that does not drain your hours or your energy. Social media can be an easy and flowing effort – if you set the right parameters and feel confident in your skills and understanding of the medium. We’ll help you get there.

This package must be used within 6 months of booking. Payments are non-refundable.


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