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Co-Parenting Solutions:

Business Development

Finetuning the Brand Message

co-parenting solutions

When Jordana Wolfson approached Your:People for help revising her brand content, she knew what she no longer wanted to include in the story of her counseling practice that caters to divorced parents. However, what she did want to say was not yet clear.

We began with a deep dive into the work she does, how she got to this point, and the inspiration behind her business. Building upon a career in schools and educational outlets, with social work credentials, Jordana sought to make divorced life easier for children by empowering their parents to co-parent effectively.

We revised her message to speak to that goal: of helping children. We wrote new website content and envisioned a new functionality and structure for her website. Jordana then asked us to revise her website fully, which we did. We also rewrote and redesigned her brochure based on the new content and clear focus.

co-parenting solutions

Our work with Co-Parenting Solutions included in the following activities:

  • Created Foundational Content for the business
  • Created a website map with new functionality & focus
  • Revised the website entirely, including writing new content and redesigning the layout, images, flow and functionality
  • Transformed her work flow by creating online forms to eliminate much of the paperwork clog that slows down business
  • Rewrote content for a brochure & worked with her graphic designer on a new format, flow and layout
  • Created graphics for Children’s Bill of Rights in Divorce & price comparison

Building on the incredible synergy we established during our initial project, Jordana wanted to keep working with us and so we launched a new, ongoing relationship to blog on her behalf. We work together to generate fresh, original content, which we publish monthly on her blog.

co-parenting solutions

Jordana Wolfson, Co-Parenting Solutions

“From the moment I contacted Lynne from Your People, LLC, I was greeted with tremendous warmth and professionalism. I am a therapist specializing in working with families of divorce and separation, and a family law attorney colleague has been utilizing Lynne’s PR services and raved about working with her. Every time I looked at that colleague’s materials, I was so impressed with the work Lynne was doing that when it came time for me to update the content of my website and brochure, I knew she would be perfect for the job!

From the start of our work together, Lynne was immediately in touch with me and set up a meeting to discuss my vision and goals. She provided clear information about her process and timeline. She immediately set up another meeting to “interview” me so she could learn more about what I do and make my materials personal and unique.

We had another meeting schedule two weeks afterward, and I was shocked that in that brief time she had not only revised all the content for the website, but it was so beautifully written and I felt she captured exactly the message I am hoping to communicate with potential clients!

Her writing makes my website a story that is intriguing and incorporates more depth about who I am and what I can offer to help people through difficult times – it is no longer just a “landing page” with too much content that is not relevant to the client.

I liked that Lynne looked through the lens of “What are people who are looking up your page truly anxious and worried about? What do they want to know and how can they connect with you for help?” I believe by doing this, she made my website one that people can connect to and feel there are resolutions to what they are seeking out by working with me.

I would highly recommend Lynne and her company – I am so happy I made this decision and appreciate that she really took the time to understand what was most important to me to communicate with potential clients. Being dependable, having clear timelines and the person I am working with meeting those deadlines is a high priority to me, and Lynne surpassed my expectations!”

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